U.S. (CAGE ) Code. 958B3


  ELEPHANT CASES ™  is a  company based in south Florida and is widely recognized as a leader in design and manufacturing of smart transportation, protection and OEM packaging solutions , Making hard plastic protecting cases, Our cases have many years of service in the European Market, Asia and now also available in USA .

As a leader of hard plastic cases we are dedicated to provide quality product and services to our costumers and we aim for  the best protection to your most valuable tools and equipment.

All cases are Covered by a Limited Lifetime warranty.

Elephant's Protective cases are applicable to the extreme environment. it is durable, shatterproof, dust proof, waterproof, anti- corrosive and impact resistant and much more. These cases are specially designed to protect and transport your sensitive goods as industrial devices, video broadcast, communication instruments, photographic, hunting, military, firefighting equipment, police etc.