U.S. (CAGE ) Code. 958B3


B095S2 Choose Option


​*  waterproof (IP67)
*  Dust proof 
*  Crush proof
*  High impact resistance 
*  Corrosion resistance 
​*  UV resistant 
*  Heavy duty latches
*  Fold down comfortable rubberized handle
​*  Pressure relief valve 
*  Stainless steel hardware
* Battery Holder Plate
​*  60 days warranty 

 Elephant Waterproof battery case  B095S2

A great solution for keeping your battery dry and safe, protects delicate electronics and avoid damaged batteries and corrosion issues with this battery box made out of a completely waterproof IP67 Elephant Case. Waterproof IP68 Marine grade waterproof 2 pin polarized connectors With marine grade waterproof Fuse Holders , Will fit 12Volts - 7AH / 9AH battery or lithium / Li-ion with a  size of 5.9" x 2.6" x 3.7" Inches, which will power Fish-finders, GPS, LED lights, Bait aerator pumps and More. Comes with one 3 amp and one 5 amp fuse.

Elephant B095S2 Case Includes : 

*1- Female Panel mount Waterproof IP68 Marine Grade 2 pin polarized Electric Connector 25A.
*2- Male Waterproof IP68 Marine Grade 2 pin polarized Electric Connector 25A 
*1- Marine grade watertight Fuse Holders 
*1- 3 amp Fuse
*1- 5 amp Fuse
*1- Pos and Neg 14 Gauge Marine Grade Wiring from Inside Connector to Battery.
*1- battery Holder Plate
*1- solid bottom foam 
*1-top egg-crate foam

* NOTE: Batteries Not Included.



Ext. Dim: 8-5/16" x 7" x 4-1/8 (LxWxH)

Int. Dim: 7-1/2" x 4-7/8" x 3-1/2" (LxWxH) 

Material : Fiber Reinforced Polymer


Working Temperature : -40 to 194F