U.S. (CAGE ) Code. 958B3




​*  waterproof (IP67)
*  Dust proof 
*  Crush proof
*  High impact resistance 
*  Corrosion resistance 
​*  UV resistant 
*  Heavy duty latches
*  Fold down comfortable rubberized handle
​*  Automatic Pressure relief valve 
*  Stainless steel hardware
* 2 Pre-cubed Foam for easy customization 
​*  60 days warranty 


Ext. Dim: 8.62"x7.20"x6.06" (LxWxH)

Int. Dim: 7.59"x5.00"x5.31" (LxWxH) 

Material : Fiber Reinforced Polymer


Working Temperature : -40 to 194F

B100S4 Choose Option

 Elephant battery case  B100s4

A great solution for keeping your battery dry and safe, protects delicate electronics and avoid damaged batteries and corrosion issues with this waterproof IP67 Elephant Case. A marine grade waterproof 4 pin polarized connector With watertight Fuse Holder, Comes with Elephant Case pre-cubed foam for battery protection and cushion, Will fit any 12 volt and 7Ah to 12Ah battery with a  size up to (6” long x 4" wide”x 4.5” Tall)  which will power a fish finder , GPS etc..., Comes with one 3 amp and one 5 amp fuses.

Fits and floats with standard Battery sizes of 6"x3"x4.5" and smaller of 12V and 7Ah to 10Ah and (Will fit 12V 12ah battery 6"x4"x4" but will not Float)

Elephant B100S4 Case Includes : 

*1- Female Marine Grade waterproof IP68 4 pin polarized Electric Connector 
*2- Male Marine Grade waterproof IP68 4 pin polarized Electric Connector 
*2- Marine grade watertight Fuse Holders 
*1- 3 amp Fuse for delicate equipment like fish finders  etc...
*1- 5 amp Fuse for anything else like lights, charger etc...
*2- wiring for inside the case connections only .
*1- PVC Pipe to be used as a spacer between battery and the Connector.
*1- solid bottom foam 
*2- Pre-cubed foam
*1-top egg-crate foam

* NOTE: Batteries Not Included.